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Sam & Karl

Sam & Karl with their parents, Janet & Tony.

Sam and Karl were brought to Pacific Coast Dog Rescue from another rescue for training and boarding. Apparently, they were rescued from two different shelters and became friends at an adoption event. Because they bonded so strongly, their rescuer decided that Sam and Karl needed to be adopted together. Sam (the outgoing, happy-go-lucky Labrador mix) and Karl (the sensitive, at times a bit shy, but very loving Shepherd mix) are such a cute couple. Naturally, our staff fell in love with them. But finding a home for two large, middle-aged dogs is not an easy task. Sadly, many people want puppies or very young dogs, and the adults and senior dogs often stay behind. But we never gave up on these wonderful boys! And after Sam and Karl had stayed with us for a couple of years, that special home came along! Janet and Tony contacted us, completed the application, came and met the boys, and fell in love! How could they not? Needless to say, we were delighted to have met this wonderful couple. And as for Sam and Karl, they took to Janet and Tony right away so we started to prepare them for their forever home. At Pacific Coast Dog Rescue, we always ease the dogs into their new homes by bringing them over for multiple visits. During those home visits, we practice the obedience training with the adopters and also start leaving the dogs in their new homes for short periods of time, so that they get used to being there without us.

Sam and Karl felt at home immediately but they both benefited from the slow transition, as there were so many new things to get used to. Karl was scared of the noise that the coffee machine made and Sam, our always-happy boy, was a bit nervous with new people. But the initial hurdles are history now and Sam and Karl couldn't be happier with their parents! What a happy beginning of a wonderful life for two amazing dogs!




Willow in her new home.

Who needs 4 legs? Willow doesn’t. She gets around just fine on 3 legs. This spunky girl is full of love and has an amazing zest for life! You would never know that Willow spent many years at our rescue facility waiting for her forever home. Because she is a brindle Pit Bull mix she was simply overlooked. Sadly, so many people have a misperception of this wonderful breed. So Willow spent a lot of time in our office being the little mascot and watched dog after dog leave to go to their forever homes. But nobody came to take her to her forever home. Poor Willow... Then, in 2010, tragedy struck. Willow was diagnosed with cancer. Her entire front left leg and shoulder blade had to be amputated to save her life. But Willow’s zest for life prevailed and only days after her surgery she was once again prancing around, only now on 3 legs. This girl never gives up! And we never gave up on her.

Pacific Coast Dog Rescue is dedicated and devoted to every one of the dogs in our care. Many of our dogs have needed expensive medical care, sometimes thousands of dollars worth of care, but it’s always worth it for us. Just look at Willow. She patiently waited for so long and now she has her forever home.

In the beginning of 2012, Carol and her family contacted us in search of a permanent Special Needs foster dog. Carol’s mother is disabled and needs 24/7 care and Carol’s compassion and understanding of those with special needs led her to Pacific Coast Dog Rescue in search of a special dog. We discussed several of our dogs, but suggested to Carol that Willow might be the best candidate for her and her family. They all came to meet Willow and it was love at first sight! Willow is so happy in her new home and the entire family loves her so much. Willow loves, loves, loves her gigantic yard that she gets to run around in and all the love and attention she gets from everybody in her home. As with any new addition to a family, not everything went perfectly smooth at first. Although Willow really likes her new “Grandpa”, she was a little nervous around him at first. With some gentle training, things are now much better.

Willow, the therapy dog, and her Grandma.

Carol and her sister, Faith, spoil Willow with soft beds, toys, treats, and so much love. They recently told us, “She is having so much fun running around the yard, and is so sweet and well-behaved in the house. She is the perfect dog for us! Thank you again for letting us have this wonderful dog!!!!” And that’s not all... Willow loves her disabled “Grandma” so much. Carol recently shared this moving story with us: “Willow seems to know that my mom needs so much help and care. Whenever I transfer my mom from her wheelchair onto the couch or back again, Willow always comes over to 'help'. When my mom is settled, Willow tries to climb into her lap or onto the couch to kiss her and give her some love. Sometimes we put Willow on the couch next to my mom so they can enjoy each other.” It sounds like Willow has gone from an unwanted Pit Bull Mix to a much loved and appreciated “therapy dog”!

Thank you, Willow, for showing us the true spirit and character of the Pit Bull breed. We are so happy that you have finally found your much deserved forever home and family. Please spread the word about all the other wonderful dogs out there. Also, please make a contribution for Willow’s follow-up medical care so that she can stay comfortable and hopefully cancer-free for the rest of her life.