Meet Z - A special memory- R.I.P. - Sparky


Tan and White



Z - A special memory- R.I.P. - Sparky is :

  • Neutered
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinated and Micro-chipped
  • Good with Dogs
  • Special Needs
    In 2008, Sparky's hind legs gave out and he was almost paralyzed. Back then, some discs in Sparky's back had protruded from his spinal cord, which made him immobile. After receiving extensive surgery and rehab, Sparky learned to walk again. Then in December 2011, it happened again and we had to act fast and get Sparky into surgery. The vet performed a miracle and Sparky was able to walk within a week after surgery without any physical therapy.
UPDATE - November 25th, 2012 Unexpectedly and exactly 11 months after Sparky had his second $6000 back surgery (on Christmas Day 2011), we had to say good-bye to this special dog. Sparky did great for about 8 months after his back surgery (December 2011). But about 3 months ago, his ability to walk began to decrease drastically. We took him back to the trusted surgeon and imaging of his back did not show any additional ruptured discs. The surgeon also took a sample of Sparky's spinal cord fluid and it turned out, that he had an infection in his spinal cord. We took him to a neurologist immediately and treatment was administered. Upon recommendation of the neurologist, we also took Sparky to a physical therapy evaluation and had planned to start therapy shortly. Sadly, the infection treatment did not produce the anticipated results and Sparky did not show any improvement. A second treatment for the infection was planned but 2 days before the vet appointment, Sparky had a seizure and exhibited concerning behaviors, such as chewing off/ripping out his toenails. We rushed him to the vet immediately. His surgeon and neurologist were concerned, that this could point towards an infection of his brain and suggested that the most humane thing would be, to let Sparky go in peace. So, after discussion with our founder and staff, we agreed with a heavy heart. Sparky spend his last afternoon on the grass, getting his favorite treats and passed away peacefully in the arms of one of his close friends. Sparky came to our rescue blind. He waited for many years for that special person/family to take him home. It never happened. Please consider adopting a Pit Bull, a disabled dog, an older dog! Sparky you are special to us and we love you and will never forget you. DESPITE ALL YOUR CHALLENGES, YOU ALWAYS KEPT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE, YOU NEVER GAVE UP. YOU MADE US LAUGH EVERY DAY AND GAVE THE BEST KISSES! YOU DEMANDED YOUR DAILY WALKS AND DESPITE BEING BLIND, YOU ALWAYS KNEW EXACTLY WAS WAS GOING ON AND YOU COULD FIND THE GOOD SNACKS! You left us so shortly after your buddy Charlie Bear, whom we miss dearly every day.


Love is blind! Love is not perfect. We think, this dog is pretty much perfect: Sparky already had 2 back surgeries in his life and has been blind since birth. But his zest for live and his ability to give love are AMAZING! Nothing can slow this boy down! Sparky walks a little bit funny and bumps into things, if he is not familiar with the area but it doesn't stop him: He just dusts himself off and keeps going! Sparky always has a smile in his face, he loves everyone he meets and is not shy to give sweet kisses. He likes to go on car rides, excursions to the park or to Home Depot and everyone who meets Sparky, falls in love! Be Sparky's angel today and foster or adopt this wonderful dog!

If you can't adopt or foster Sparky, please make a donation for his care and his $6200 back surgery (his second surgery, which took place in December 2011)