Meet Z - A Special Memory - Moose


Tan with White



Z - A Special Memory - Moose is :

  • Neutered
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinated and Micro-chipped
  • Good with Dogs
December 2017: Moose you will never be forgotten. You were so brave and so happy. Moose finally lost his battle with liver disease. But his last months of life were filled with love, kisses and walks. Moose had a beautiful young lady in his life named Kim, who adored him and showered him with affection. He made many friends on the way and has touched many hearts. R.I.P. sweet boy, we love you.

Moose is an incredible sweetheart and a true survivor: One day, Moose's original owner was on a walk with Moose, when two dogs escaped their yard and viciously attacked Moose. His owner fought for over 20 minutes to save Moose. He managed to do so but then collapsed on the sidewalk and died of a heart attack! Moose had no place to go and our rescue couldn't bare the thought of him ending up in a public shelter. Moose has met a lot of people in his previous home and at our rescue and loves everybody. Moose has been waiting for a forever home at our rescue for a while now and then tragedy struck again: Moose became very sick with a liver problem. He spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital and it was a life and death situation. But Mooose received the best vet care and daily visits from our staff and he pulled through! Moose is currently on several medications but he's getting stronger every day and wants to live! Moose will receive frequent re-checks to monitor his liver values but we are hoping to find a forever foster home for Moose, which means, that our rescue will cover all medical expenses that may come up for Moose in the future but we would love to see him in a home environment and not in a rescue facility. WILL YOU BE THAT SPECIAL PERSON / FAMILY? Moose is a very friendly fella who just wants to be around you all the time. Moose is great in the house, loves car rides and walks and has even lived with a cat! He's a handsome guy and gives great kisses! Come and meet Moose!